Saturday, July 29, 2006

Crappy Marketing Tactics...

Wow, I just saw one of the worst marketing tactics evAr! Highjacking of profiles to post fake bulletins that promote the companies product.

Way to make your company look horrible FLYCELL.COM, nobody really thinks that these people would post shameless plugs for a large corporation. It does nothing but make your company look bad!

I do not know the legality of these "profile highjackings" but it would be interesting to find out, as I would love to sue the pants off of this company, if anything for libel as something like this IMHO could damage my reputation.

I've already written to FLYCELL.COM twice asking them to stop. Any good lawyers wanna get involved, as I said before I don't know if this is legal, as FLYCELL could have some kind of agreement with NEWS CORP who now owns MYSPACE.COM IIRC.

The text of the fake bulletin follows:
yo! check out this site to spice up ur phone wit some hot ringtones!! its so ez cuz when u scroll over a song name it plays the tone for u. i just grabbed premiscious and now im rollin wit my girl nelly furtado... and it all took barely a minute. so check out this site for some sweeet free ringtones:!!!!

Bad FLYCELL, no donut!

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Jo-Boxer & Nervous McToast said...

i like the misspelling of promiscuous...very authentic.