Sunday, March 25, 2007

Flickr Streams

Had to remove the Flickr Streams as they were screwing up the page, hopefully I'll have 'em back up soon

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Viacom VS Google on teh Daily Show


I woulda linked to the Youtube version, but it's been pulled already lol.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mr. Strategerys Newest Release

Hehe! New song, check it out on myspace ( ). The song thats titled "Trippin' Balls Ever Since" . Let me know what you think, it's not finished, I still have to clean it up a bit, tweak it here and there, but at least you get the idea...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bike Build-up!

So I've started building the bike that my sister gave me, it's gonna take a loooong time to finish it. I started a blog at (Mountain Bike Review) to document the build-up, here's a link>>>

I've been reading about the frame Chelsey gave me. Seems that it is a bombproof frame, which is good, as I tend to be HARD on my bikes.

Monday, March 12, 2007

PAY: Zero and 02/100*****

Lol, this is awesome...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Update to Dave's Weather Pixie

Just updated Daves weather pixie to show Houston TX, the closest I could find for FT Bend County was Hobby Airport, which I know is on the SE side of Houston, but close enough I think...
Blah Blah Blah.

Friday, March 09, 2007

You Have Two Choices, One of 'em is Gonna cost you $1000...

Lol, I just found some old postings from a Subaru forum I used to frequent... The following is from October 2002, about 6 months after I bought my car...

Here's the link to the original thread>>

My handle is Keisatsu...

BAIC Car Meets are DANGEROUSHey All,Good to see everyone this evening. It seems that our meets are becoming more dangerous (at least to me) ... every time we meet.
My first meet, I was pulled over on the way to the In-N-Out in Milpitas ... exhibition of speed, but no ticket. Whew!
2nd Meet, we go for a little car ride up Page Mill Road and we lose an I-clubber (the one right in front of me).
3rd Meet (tonight), after everyone broke for the evening, Jacob (and his 2 friends) and I decide to go for a little AWD fun @ the Shoreline Amphitheater Parking Lot (all gravel). As we cruise into the parking a lot, I pull over and start monkeying with my setup (I wasn't going to do much in the lot - had too much crap in the back seat ... that turned out to be a good thing). Jacob does about 3 BEAUTIFUL, sliding donuts ... and then I see 4 shadows move towards us. BLING-BLING ... RED and BLUE lights ... oh ****. This is not going to be good. This parking lot is connected to the firehouse ... but has recently become the place to be ... "for sliding cars in the gravel". All of the cops were parked at the far end of the lot ... in the shadows. They were waiting for some poor suckers like us.
Well that started grabbing all of our IDs.
(cop) "Uh son. Do you know those guys in the other car?"(steve) "Uh kinda. I just met them at a car club get together"(cop) "Well go back and sit in your car."
(steve, muttering under his breath) "You ain't got nothing on me. I was just parked in a parking lot"
(5 minutes pass and they bring out the sniffer dogs to bring some "cheer" to Jacob's car)
(cop) "All right, you can go now"
So of course, my car doesn't start up ... during my car optimization (before the cops go there), I unplugged the unichip and now the car won't start. I fuddle around to get it plugged back, before they come over and ask me about my car (and its mods). Now its started and my recently installed headlights (w/ HIDS) won't turn on. And guess how quickly i'll get pulled over for no headlights. I stop the car, pull the e-brake, start the car, turn on the lights (which now light up) and then let off the e-brake ... rolling slowly away.
I felt bad ... leaving Jacob (and friends) to the dogs. I hope things worked out and they were simply trying to scare him. But as I was rolling away ... I heard the cops say "Son, you only have 2 options ... and one of them will cost you $1000". Ouch ...
Jacob - Are you okay?
So after this whole fiasco ... I'll probably still see y'all next week (same bat-time, same bat-place).
too much drama
What kind of shadows were they in???!!!
Oh, and ive been to two events where something bad happened to one of our cars... and one of them was mine
i got in an accident on the way to the SF photo shoot.
wha? i hope everything is ok
the SF photo shoot was ages ago
Ah yes, it feels good to have paid my tax dollars at a time like this. The scourge of society that goes to empty parking lots for donut related fun will be several hundred dollars lighter tonight.
Police resources (was it 4 cops or 4 cars?) used to their best effect, waiting for hours in the dark to catch those evil gravel messer-uppers.
Meanwhile people are being murdered and raped on a daily basis, cars broken into, property stolen, and unless you have video evidence that you collected yourself, the chances of anyone being brought to justice for it are ZIP.
Hooray for cops.
Don't get me wrong. I love cops ... I play on a flag football team with a bunch of cops. But they are cool ...
Anyways ... there were 4 cars and between 6-7 cops. If you come in by the fire station and look towards Shoreline Park (and doggie park), they were hiding to the left side shadows ... all the way in the back. Come to think of it, there was also a truck in the street parked to block all the traffic. So I guess the total count was 5 cars and 7-8 "law enforcement officers". That's a lot of tax payer bling-bling.
You're right, I should ammend my statement.
Hooray for cops bosses.
Wow, that sucks! I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, it seems that:1) Cops are EVERYWHERE right now.. Especially in Mtn View and Redwood City!2) Everyone is at least taking responsibility for their own actions.3) We all need to be a bit more carefull..
Any news from Jacob?
(I am Jacob)
Heh, what a night...
When he was telling me "you have 2 options, one of them will cost you $1000" he was about to tell me I could either pay a bunch of fines, ooooooorrrr, i could help them train with their dog, let him tackle me, so they get me outta the car and start telling me how to run, what to do when the dog tackles me and then their like "we werent really gonna have the dog tackle you"
Man did they have me going!
Oh yeah, the reason they were in the parking lot is they were training thier dogs!!!
No tickets for me fortunatly!
I love police officers now! 8 pullovers since I got my WRX and no tickets!!!
boy you are a LUCKY guy!!! Good for you bro!!
That was a great story! All this drama from two perspectives culminate into this great ending!

hahaha, what a story this got to be lol....
I dunno, if I was in that situation, I would totally be like tripping since when do officers bargin with someone and let them off 1000 bucks worth of fines by letting their dog kick their ass?? LOL
but cool man, this is a happy ending I guess? I've been avoiding tickets the hard way, obiding by the law...
LOL!!! Hahahah the cop was messin with you bad. I could just imagine the grin on his face when you were taking dives pretending you were being tackled by the dogs. LOL!!
Hey Jacob,Good to hear from ya ... 8 pullovers and no tickets. You must be the luckiest person on Earth. Hey ... if you're not doing anything, I think we should go to Vegas and use some of the "voodoo magic" on the casinos.
hmmm, im not too good at cards, ill stand next to you as you play, maybe my luck is transferable...
I think I'm not gonna be trying my luck for a while.... I am so lucky cops are nice to me...
hey guys.....sorry to interrupt....I havn't fished reading the story of what happened, but I know of this great place to practice's at the Shoreline Amphitheater Parking Lot.Tons of gravel and NO COPS!!!!!!
We could meet on Sat. night....who's down?

J/K ......glad you guys didn't get busted. Cops can be jerks sometimes...and as you saw they "could" be safe-freddie
This goes right along with what I've said for years now................not all cops are a$$es. If you're respectful and honest, you have done all you can do to maximize your chances of getting out of there unharmed!! Now, who was it that was arguing this with me in that other thread Too bad the cops didn't ask you for a test slide!!!
Mike S.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

El Yay!!!

Check out what my sister gave me (she actually gave it to me a while ago). Note the original Nintendo in the background (theres a Playstation back there somewhere too!). Joy for me!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mas Cowbell

Yes, that is exactly what this blog needs, and I am going to give it more cowbell if it kills me damnit!

That is all... For now.
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Friday, March 02, 2007


Hrm, finally got my DSL up... That took 6 months too long. Anywho, just chillin' at home working on The Bump (see above pic), finally replaced the window seal so now no more leaky windows!
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