Saturday, July 29, 2006

Crappy Marketing Tactics...

Wow, I just saw one of the worst marketing tactics evAr! Highjacking of profiles to post fake bulletins that promote the companies product.

Way to make your company look horrible FLYCELL.COM, nobody really thinks that these people would post shameless plugs for a large corporation. It does nothing but make your company look bad!

I do not know the legality of these "profile highjackings" but it would be interesting to find out, as I would love to sue the pants off of this company, if anything for libel as something like this IMHO could damage my reputation.

I've already written to FLYCELL.COM twice asking them to stop. Any good lawyers wanna get involved, as I said before I don't know if this is legal, as FLYCELL could have some kind of agreement with NEWS CORP who now owns MYSPACE.COM IIRC.

The text of the fake bulletin follows:
yo! check out this site to spice up ur phone wit some hot ringtones!! its so ez cuz when u scroll over a song name it plays the tone for u. i just grabbed premiscious and now im rollin wit my girl nelly furtado... and it all took barely a minute. so check out this site for some sweeet free ringtones:!!!!

Bad FLYCELL, no donut!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Ninja Chimp!

Now all we need is a pirate chimp.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Shit is Pretty Funny...

Kim Jong il

Best biography on Kim evar!

Just wonderin...

so if you guys (Jake and Steph) are moving to Potland, what's happening w/ the bug?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Weather Icons...

Thought it would be novel to have the weather from each of our respective areas displayed, mostly for shits and giggles.

Jons weather is pulled from Boeing Field in Seattle WA

Daves is pulled from San Jose, as there are problems with the Santa Cruz weather station. I should be able to fix this at a later time.

My weather is pulled from the Troutdale airport in Portland Oregon.

AAAAAAHH I came down with a case of the sickness

I have some bug and its kicking my ass right now. I just thought I would share my illness with the fellow people of the Mire. *cough* I hope you all get it and feel like shit too.

Real Ultimate Power...

One of the best books evAr!!! Just ask Jon!!!

Hallucinogens: A Reader

Just f'ing around with the camera last night...

Oh, and it's a TOBACCO pipe, yeees.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To everyone

This is going out to all those Internet stalkers that I have....all 1 of them lol....stop...just fucking stop. I dont Try and keep tabs on you over the net so just stop!!!! Thanks

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ah, Yes. I am Officially a Portlandian!!!

Our latest trip to Portland has (finally!!!) proven fruitfully. We found a house in the Lents district (near Gresham) that is just blocks away from the college Significant Other wants to go to in about a years time.

I'll post some photos later when I recover from the trip and haul all my shit out of the car.

A satellite photo of my neighborhood

Some photos of the new house

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Its so quiet in here

The Mire has gotten alot Quieter now that Stuff and The King AssHat are not around.... Its Weird.

Just learned that my...

great grandfather is about to die. He is almost 92 and until this last year he was more lively than some of my friends. There are so many things about him that i will miss. He was the funniest person i ever knew. He was the only positive male presence (father-figure, if you will) in my life as a child. I will miss him.

Looking at the tenses i use to describe him, i notice that my mind seems to refuse to internalize the inevitablilty of his passing.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Roof Russian Update

So I went out on the back porch tonight for the first time since the Roof Russians woke me up and guess what I found out. The fucking Russian Bastards stole the Railing to the porch. Them Fuckers. I need the Rail. Im a drunk ass and I really dont need to be falling off of a balcony. Im going to plan my revenge on them commy fucks. Does anyone have any Ideas. Fucking Russians

Look at what We came up with

Bored int he middle of the night and this is what came of it....














Everyone should do this just to please me.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I need Help....just ask Google

So This morning a 8am Ali's condo came down with a bad case of Roof Russians....Any Ideas how to get rid of them?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Now, I Am Off to Portland!

Leaving in an hour. Hopefully we can get a house, wishmeluck!!!
Jacob: So yeah Im going to just take a bunch of cash with me when go portland to get a place. No one says no to cash

Jon: So if I had like a thousand dollar and a donkey you would suck is dick?

Jacob: Thousand dollars in hand = Donkey dick in mouth

Part of a call that I made to the King Asshat on his day of birth

Photog in the Making...

My favorite pic of me, by Stephanie Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Move over U2 cuz Bush is starting a Cover Band

Ronry. So ronry.

Tuesday, 9:30PM
"Asshat... Pick up the phone, man.

Hello? Stuff, you there? Jacob?

Goddammit you guys, I know you're there. Quit screening your calls and pick up the goddamn phone.

Oh, that's it. I'm gonna leave a bad message about you guys on the blog, I'm gonna be like 'Jacob and Steph, they don't answer the phone. They screen their calls and they don't wanna talk to Jon, it's all good, don't worry'.

All right, don't worry, I won't try and call back anymore.

You fuckin' asshat."

Wednesday, 12:20AM
"Hey asshat are you home, or am I gonna have to leave another stupid message? Just pick up the phone, it's like 12:20, I know you're home.


You're such a tool.

All right, I'm just gonna have to leave a nasty blog about you, talkin' about how you, fuckin, never pick up your phone. So mean. All right, I understand, you hate Jon. Whatever. Maybe I'll call Dave, or Dane, or fuckin' Chuck. They like me.

Goddamn you."

Ok, the first one we didn't actually know was there until this morning. The second one was pretty damn funny to listen to while I was half asleep last night.
We love you, Jon. But you're totally welcome to leave a 'nasty blog', especially if it's funnier than either of the messages you left on the machine.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Birthday...

My bday july 2003 coming up tomorrow, and I'm having a hell of a time trying to get people to understand, I don't really celebrate my birthday anymore. In the last 3 years I've used it as an excuse (a good one too!) to go to a rave. Now that I don't really go to raves anymore, people keep asking me what I'm doing or if I'd like to go to dinner, or what I want for my birthday.

Here are the answers that I have been using.

Q: What are you doing for your birthday?

Q: Would you like us to take you out to dinner (this one is from Significant Others parents)?
A: I think I'm gonna be out of town on my birthday (I find it hard to actually say no to the fiances parents, so I try to weasel my way out as best I can).

Q: What would you like for your birthday?
A: NOTHING (what, do I look 12 y/o to you?).

Ok, sorry for the rant, just find it hard to get people to understand my birthday is just another day to me...

I hate hospitals

So just so you guys and everyone else knows....I FUCKING HATE HOSPITALS. After spending the last couple of days in one visting someone in one of those crazy hell holes I have made up my mind that I hate them with everything I have inside of me. I also dont like stupid Doctors who dont know how to do there job and/or are to stupid to do it right

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Spilling some estrogen into the mire...

I was informed that I had to join this blog "'cause Dave said so" - yes, Dave is just that cool, and I'm apparently not too bad myself - so here I am. And I have to say, it is quite tasty.

I'm ready for my (radio) close-up?

So earlier in the week my housemate Enzo (of Enzo's Afternoon Delight Saturdays 2-4pm on KZSC) invited me to come on his show today. We got there about 1 and I talked briefly w/ the boss lady, who seemed interested in letting me have a show of my own some day. Then I previewed some audio for the show, making sure the music was befitting of the show. After that we sat down in the broadcast room and things just rolled on from there. It was a lot of fun to just chill there, after my nerves died down. I even did a couple of PSAs! That's right, millions, if not BILLIONS of people heard my lovely voice! Or something...

This Heat is Oppressive

Just an installment of my daily complaint.

It's hotter than hell here in Oroville...

Makes daytime sex feel like you just ran a marathon.


So here is some random crap, up close!

A flower.

An old rubber ball.

Cigarette ash.

My finger.
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its not supposed to be that easy, is it?

so i got rejected by this chick on the bus. Is there a rule against meeting people on public transit? it's almost like, 'hey, i already know you have to ride the bus. this isn't going to work.' was funny.

here's the scene. this giry's 'bout to get off the bus, so i say
(me) 'so do you have a phone number or something?'
(her) ' i do'

yeah...i laughed. it was funny.

I realized that I should state that I didn't just randomly ask some chick. We were having a conversation.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chitty Chitty Chat Chat

Chat with Jacob Stevens

Jacob Stevens
More options
Jun 29
1:35 AM Jacob: what hizzo
er what UP hizzo
1:36 AM me: sleepy yo
1:37 AM Jacob: w3rd, thats what you get fer doin teh night shiftaz
1:39 AM me: fuck you
eat my sack with a nice cream sauce
1:40 AM Jacob: ice cream sauce?
me: yer an idiot
1:41 AM Jacob: "fairfield (PD) has helicopters...haha. i guess pigs are finally flying."
quote from teh iclub
me: nice
1:42 AM interesting discussion there
1:43 AM listening to Radiohead Creep, acoustic version
7 minutes
1:51 AM me: yeah i like the 3rd guy when he said ' its mostly pure speculation based on statistics and computer models'
1:52 AM Jacob: yeah, a lot of it is statistics, except for what we KNOW is true from the last 200 years. Hell, 2005 was the hottest year ever recorded (worldwide average). I started that thread... im Keisatsu
1:54 AM me: yeah i gleaned that
1:55 AM with that attitude, you could call one's own existance into question as well, but that has no LOGICAL basis.
1:58 AM Jacob: I like to call my own existence into question
1:59 AM me: yeah...but this cat seems to be saying 'hey lets shoot guns in our own direction b/c i think i don't really exist' whoops, i shot myself in the very REAL face
2:01 AM Jacob: w3rd. some of the people on there just DO NOT believe in global warming, it just blows me away! All the evidence everything and they still dont believe in it. these are the same people who tried to get rid of galileo (sp) when he said the universe didnt revolve around the earth!
me: yep....and those fucks who killed kennedy and hitler
you bastards
2:04 AM Jacob: i keep closing gmail like a retard, and forgetting it will close the chat window... ner
2:05 AM me: lol
5 minutes
2:10 AM Jacob: we should start buying carbon credits, so big industry cant use them... if only I had a shitload of money!!!
49 minutes
2:59 AM Jacob: We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories ... And we'll find more weapons as time goes on. But for those who say we haven't found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they're wrong, we found them.--George w. BushWashington, DC05/30/2003


Chat with Jacob Stevens
Jacob Stevens
More options
Jun 4
12:58 AM Jacob: biatch!!!
12:59 AM me: hizzle
i slap you in da mouf
1:00 AM chuck norris style
Jacob: just mixed some Wreckx n Effect into the dnb set BWAAAAAHAHAHA!!!!!
1:01 AM me: drunk ppl
Jacob: guests?
1:02 AM me: yeah hold on

: w3rd... sounds like fun1:05 AM me: yeah Jacob: bastages1:06 AM can you think of any aerosmith songs where the music stops and its just steven singing and or talking w/out music in the background1:07 AM me: i think there\'s a few w/ some minimal drum beat in the bg Jacob: hmmm im thinking of mixing some aero in but its a lot easier w/out a music beat in the background1:08 AM me: love in an elevator comes to mind, but i\'m not even sure about it Jacob: yeah i jsut got a better idea... the doors... the end!!!1:09 AM me: or the extra song on tool\'s first album (opiate)",1]
1:10 AM 'i had a friend once,he took some acid.Now he thinks he'sa fire engine.'
Jacob: i only have 4 tool songs on my compy 386... 46 and 2, prison sex, sober, and stinkfist
1:11 AM me: boo
Jacob: i do have pretty much all the early deftones stuff (adrenaline and a bunch of even older stuff...
1:12 AM me: use the outgoing message from the secret song on around the fur
1:13 AM Jacob: what track... 10?
me: yeah
1:14 AM its pretty late into the silence too
then its another long while after the msg until the actual song
Jacob: oh... I dont have the secret track then.... it stops about 10 seconds after the song1:15 AM i do however have the secret trakc for adrenaline me: but there\'s no talking in that Jacob: thats true... ner1:16 AM me: i like that song a lot though Jacob: w3rd, good song to chillax to1:17 AM me: you like some rap right?1:18 AM Jacob: yep me: you should dl \'xxxplosive\' frome the cronic2000 album (dr.dre)",1]

Jacob: oh... I dont have the secret track then.... it stops about 10 seconds after the song
1:15 AM i do however have the secret trakc for adrenaline
me: but there's no talking in that
Jacob: thats true... ner
1:16 AM me: i like that song a lot though
Jacob: w3rd, good song to chillax to
1:17 AM me: you like some rap right?
1:18 AM Jacob: yep
me: you should dl 'xxxplosive' frome the cronic2000 album (dr.dre)
Jacob: w3rd, will do1:19 AM me: its got a great hook, and its hilarious Jacob: you dont know me, shut up you dont know me, squeal like a pig when you (screaming)1:20 AM me: yeah that was a cool concert Jacob: deftones (early deftones IMHO) are the shizzznittle bam bittle me: yep1:21 AM now they\'re riding the \'scene\' wave (beat) Jacob: yeah, very beat. they need to watch roots",1]
Jacob: w3rd, will do
1:19 AM me: its got a great hook, and its hilarious
Jacob: you dont know me, shut up you dont know me, squeal like a pig when you (screaming)
1:20 AM me: yeah
that was a cool concert
Jacob: deftones (early deftones IMHO) are the shizzznittle bam bittle
me: yep
1:21 AM now they're riding the 'scene' wave
Jacob: yeah, very beat. they need to watch roots
me: haha8 minutes1:30 AM me: later yo Jacob: peace man!",0]

me: haha
8 minutes
1:30 AM me: later yo
Jacob: peace man!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Playing Video Games...

I played video games w/ Red Headed Step-Child for the first time today, it was pretty fun. I actually had a lot of fun.

We played Gran Turismo (the original)and Rayman (awesome PS1 side scroller game)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What to do?

Im so lost....I have no clue on what to do? But what the hell is new right. I guess I should just have a stiff drink and then make my choice cuz I always do thinking when Im drunk. Am I alone in that respect or does everyone think betterwhen they have had a drinks? Well anyways Im off to "think"

Off to Portland...

I'm heading to Portland today, to check out some more houses. Hopefully Significant Other and I can find a place we like, we want to get out of this hell-hole (aka Oroville California) ASAP!!!

***Edit: Scratch that, have to wait until Significant Other gets her ID back from a friend...

New Template...

What'dya think guys, it's obvously still a work in progress, but I need some input from ya'll (Jon, Davish).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Crazy life and Times

So all things concidered It has been a crazy month for me. Lots of Drama, but for every bit of Drama I have had to deal with I have backed with at least a beer. I have done so much drinking this month. I feel like I need to go to AA.


So riding the bus is fun. For instance, when coming to work at 10:30 at night via the 66 bus, try and notice when the voice over announces 17th and Brommer, then warns that 17th and Brommer is , in fact, not announced.

Hehe... Look what I Found...

This is a pic of me back in the day, at a rave in Oakland California, that's me in the Volvo jersey.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sometimes I make pictures

Something fo' tha heezies

My, that is a tasty Blog!
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Here it is... Check it out... ok, now leave...