Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red Flags Galore

K, so I was browsing a social networking site based on movie tastes (pretty cool site, actually). I was taking a look at a potential "friend" or whathaveyou, and I saw this message on his page. (the site apparently posts all your msgs to the person's page you msg.)

If this wasn't so clearly phishing or an attempt to spread a virus, it'd be downright scary for that dude. Enjoy.

"Hello My name is imran am single,30yrs beautiful and lovely,submissive,loyal,honest,caring,lovely,understandable,faithful,sincere. I like your profile and i decided to contact you to have a serious relationship with you even if involves marriage so far there is real love, i wouldnt mind..You can contact me through my e-mail address,sugakineandimran@yahoo.com,i can send you my foto and for us to know each other better and not only that i have something important to tell you. hugs! i wait for your reply through my email sugakineandimran@yahoo.com or hudsugakine@hotmail.com Love from imran.....
hi baby i love you. <====not something you should tell someone WHEN YOU RANDOMLY MESSAGE THEM and you've never even talked before!

So many red flags in such a small paragraph. The first one that stands out to me is describing herself as "beautiful". Anyone who describes themselves in such manner is likely to be severely self centered, in my experience. The picture on the profile the spammer made was actually pretty, but describing oneself as such is very unattractive to moi, never mind the fact it's not the spammer in reality anyway.

Then there's the "submissive" business. I never really got the submissive fetish thing. I mean, there's definitely an appropriate time/place for gender roles to manifest themselves, but to describe your general personality as "submissive" is just sad.

Moving onto the best of the lot, she says that, the few brief descriptions he gives of himself, coupled with the movies he likes, is enough to warrant her "deci[sion] to contact him to have a serious relationship with [him], even if involves marriage". Wow. Just wow. I mean, when you are dating someone it's kind of fun to compare tastes in music/film/art/literature/etc, but I'm not sure that's really the best thing to base your decision to marry someone on. I know plenty of happily 'married' couples (using the modern intent of the word) that have extremely different tastes in many things. But they seem to mesh well together, complimenting each other. At least it seems so from an outside perspective.

And that's overlooking the glaring grammatical errors throughout.

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The King Asshat said...

hehe, love the red flags...